3 Tips on How Apps Can Help You Prepare for the MCAT Test

I have a friend who is studying to become a doctor. I have been trying to encourage her as much as possible. One thing that I have discovered in my research is that there are a lot of helpful apps out there. Below are some tips that she’s found helpful to increase her MCAT scores. If you want some apps that you can use while studying for your MCAT, check out the link below.

Best Ten Apps for MCAT Prep

Use Learning Tools Like Flashcards to Improve Your Memory

When you’re getting ready for the MCAT, it’s important that you’re very thorough. You have to memorize a lot of information. All of the study guides recommend flashcards. They’re very convenient and don’t use as much space as the prep books. You can find them on apps so there’s no worry about losing your flashcards or having sticky notes all over the house.

Another great tool that you can use is quizzes or MCAT practice tests. Finding apps that focus on the areas that you’re currently studying, like anatomy, biology, chemistry, psychology or physics. This can help you greatly to pass the test.

You also might find that you’re having trouble focusing as you study. Another type of learning tool that you can use is mindfulness exercises. These also come in apps. Look for an app that’s going to guide you through this process and chances are that you’ll be happy with your results.

Understanding Chemistry Will Help You Succeed

Chemistry’s another big stepping-stone when you’re on the path to success. All medical doctors use it. It has an inorganic chemistry foundation. If you’ve noticed you have some gaps in chemistry, make sure that you’re looking for an app with a chemistry focus.

 If you’re not very good at organic chemistry, online quizlets can help you with studying the material, practicing formulas and answering tough questions. A solid, interactive chemistry app will be a great choice.

The most essential part for doctors is one of organic chemistry’s subdivisions which deals with DNA. Even though it still is only understood partly, it’s a science that’s thriving and it’s something that is going to be found in the MCAT. Books can only help you so much on this complex topic. It’s also a good idea to turn to an app that has strong components like animations and illustrations. This will help you with understanding DNA’s mechanics.

Practice Solving Problems to Improve Your Ability to Think Logically

It’s interesting to note that the MCAT doesn’t just deal with the things you know. It also deals with the way that you use your knowledge. The way you think is as important as what you know. You want to make sure your mind’s sharp and that your logic is always strong. You might want to get an app that will test you this way.

The MCAT can be especially hard for people who don’t have good problem-solving skills. But if you don’t have them, don’t panic. There are a lot of apps that cover this and let you practice. Just make sure you’re choosing ones with reviews that say they’re challenging.

Finally, you also want to make sure that you understand human psychology basics if you want to be a caring doctor. All of those entrance exams across the world will include this. Looking for an app that’s going to give you a good foundation will surely help.


Becoming a doctor isn’t easy, but having the right apps to help you along the way can help you have a better chance of being a successful and caring doctor in the future.