Fascinating Facts of Teacher Training Course in Thailand That Can Help Your Career Grow 

With 70 million people at the helm, Thailand is a country of diverse cultures and has a mixture of a number of people from the different South Asian countries. However, this has strengthened the base of the Thai culture and has brought in the various cultures on one plate that they display proudly to the world.

The Thai culture has a number of features embedded in it, which makes it richer. This not only affects the lives of the people living in the country, but also creates different job opportunities in the “Land of a Thousand Smiles”, including the teacher training course.

We will discuss the various features of the Thai culture and how they affect the nuances of teaching and learning processes in the following lines:

  1. Family Life and its Impact

Like most other South East Asian countries, Thailand also has most of its inhabitants living with their families. This has a significant impact on the educational system of the country as it tries to teach in parity with the family life and does not try to deviate from that. Higher educational institutes are also more or less in sync with this methodology as they get the learners acquainted with the modern methods and help them adapt to them.

  1. Respect for Women and their Education

The women of Thailand get a lot of respect in their country. The mixture of all the cultures helps in understanding the value of the women present in the family and also emphasize on their educational needs. This has a significant impact on the modern day teaching in Thailand, which is immensely impactful for the growth and development of any country.

  1. The Thai way of Life

The Thai people are generally happy going kind of people who welcome new inhabitants to their land and are willing to make their stay in their homeland as pleasant as possible. This has not only helped them to develop their tourism but has also upgraded their educational system. This is a significant factor in the growth of the country and also their economy which is affected positively by the arrival of a number of foreign students from the South Asian countries as well as from the western countries.

  1. The Opportunities after course Completion

Thailand is the land of opportunities and getting jobs there is one of the least worries for the learners. However, not every course can guarantee a job for the person enrolling in it and this is where the choices by the learners that they make while choosing a particular course matters. This is where the teacher training course in Thailand might come into the fray as well.

  1. Learn a Few Basic Thai Phrases

Try to learn some basics Thai phrases which can help you in your survival. Though you may not require in classrooms a few basics can actually help you outside of your school. Some Thai schools specifically disallow foreign teachers from using any Thai language. Learning some basics Thai phrases is mainly helpful in rural areas where many locals will not be able to speak English.

Here are some DON’Ts in Thailand:

  • Don’t touch randomly anyone’s head as Thai people consider it as the most spiritual part of their body.
  • Do not stand disrespectfully near any Buddha images as Buddha images are sacred in Thailand.
  • Don’t point your feet to anyone as Thai people consider it as the height of offensiveness.
  • Do not get angry easily because Thais hardly ever show anger in public.
  • Don’t discuss any religion-based and The Royal Family topics as they are both extremely sacred in Thailand.

Thailand being the land of tourism and education, it might be a good choice for a number of people to select it as their ideal destination for education. However, the education in Thailand does not come cheap and one must research well about the country and the course they are enrolling into in order to not regret their decision once it starts off.