First Time Visiting Barcelona? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

Barcelona, the second largest city of Spain, is situated on the northeastern cost of Iberian Peninsula and the border of Mediterranean Sea. The city has breathtaking locations, great historical monuments, very long coastal line and wonderful shopping markets. In simple words, it will be hard to get bored during your Barcelona trip.

However, Barcelona is more fun when you explore the city to the fullest rather than just sticking to the simple and plain tour itinerary. Most of the tour packages will only cover the top-rated tourist attractions. Well, of course you don’t want to miss on visiting them, but there is much more to see and do in this amazing city.

In order to discover more beautiful locations in the city, it is recommended that you have a Barcelona tourist map with you during the trip. In fact, in a city like Barcelona, which is full of amazing spots and attractions, a city map is as crucial as the place tickets. Also, it is ideal to carry attraction maps, metro maps and walking maps along with neighborhood maps.

You can have full freedom when you are on your own

Being a famous tourist destination in Europe, Barcelona is always full of tourists from around the globe. So, it is recommended that you come prepared with maps and guidebooks on your trip. Print out different and helpful maps of Barcelona. However, if you are more comfortable using it on a device, all you have to do is download it from a reputed source like tripIndicator.

The best part about being on your own is you have complete control over how you want the trip to be. You can even go walking around the neighborhood area without worrying about getting lost with the help of Barcelona walking map.

All the city’s famous attractions, landmarks, museums, art galleries, etc. are covered in these maps. Besides, these maps are very easy to understand. Usually, attractions, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc. are all marked in different colors. Furthermore, even if you want to explore the city through a metro or a bus, there are maps to help you understand their respective routes too. All you need to do is study the map and decide which route you want to explore. The map will also show you which attractions are nearby the bus stops and metro stations.

Places you can visit with the help of tourist maps

There are several tourist attractions which you can easily reach with the help of a map. However, some are really important and you mustn’t miss them at any cost. If you haven’t purchased any tour package, you can easily cover the top 5 tourist attractions of Barcelona with the help of a map. These attractions are:

La Sagrada Familia

This fabulous unfinished church was designed in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi. It is a very unique and breathtaking construction and one of the most famous tourist attractions of Spain.

The Font Mágica Fountain

Next in line is the popular and attractive Magic Fountain. You must have never seen something like this. The show of water, light and music truly feels magical.

Picasso Museum

The famous artist Picasso stayed in Barcelona 1895 to 1904. Although his famous works are displayed elsewhere in the world, you can see an exclusive collection of 4000 paintings made by him. These paintings truly show how he developed from an ordinary art student to an extra ordinary artist.

Las Ramblas street

It is not exactly a tourist attraction, but it’s a wonderful street to shop. You can feel the true city life of Barcelona when you walk down the street.

Camp Nou Stadium.

If there are no tournaments during your visit, you can at least book yourself for a stadium and museum tour for the home of Barcelona football team.

So, it seems like everything one wants to cover during a vacation in Barcelona are covered by different tourist maps and guidebooks. So, visit today and get yourself a Barcelona map before the trip begins.