Fulfilling an Important Part of Your Court Sentence

Society has a longstanding belief that batterers cannot be rehabilitated.  Many people believe that batterers must have the trigger of their anger removed from their lives in order to avoid re-offending.

The justice system in most states has a different belief, however, which is why people convicted of this crime often are given sentences that include taking courses to learn more productive and accepted behaviors.  You can enroll in anger management classes, a batterers intervention program online, or virtual therapy sessions when you visit the website today.

Signing Up for the Right Courses

As you can see on the website, the institute offers a host of classes for a variety of offenses.  You can find classes that are designed to dissuade drunk driving, curfew violation, taking drugs, and bullying.  You can also find lessons geared toward anger management and criminal behavior.

While you may be tempted to sign up for the ones for anger management or criminal behavior, you need to take the ones ordered by the judge.  The judge will require you to show proof that you took the course listed in your sentence rather than another one even if the other one is similar to or touches on topics related to your case.

The court may provide you with a course number to look for on the website.  Once you find that number or the title to the class, you can click on the box and follow the instructions for signing up for it.

All of the lessons will be presented to you on the Internet.  You do need to sit in a classroom or drive to a local college or vo-tech school to take the class.  You can complete it either at home, a law enforcement center, or another court-approved location.  Once you finish your lessons, you may then follow the instructions for obtaining proof of the completion.

Along with paying court fines and costs, you may also be expected to pay for the class out of your own pocket.  The institute provides the cost upfront to you.  You may be able to make payments if necessary to cover the cost of the enrollment.

Many judges believe that batterers can be rehabilitated.  You can learn what it will take to rebuild your future while complying with court orders with online classes that teach you self-control, anger management, and other good behaviors.