How To Improve Your Command Over The English Language

Do you wish to improve your command over english ? No need to worry you can simply follow an easy routine to gain a better understanding and command over the english language. 

Like learning any other language or subject one needs to firstly practice. ‘Practice makes perfect’, the more you practice the better it becomes. One must understand that it is not easy to learn a new foreign language and it requires practice and persistence to perfect it. Here are a few simple things one can assess themselves before they start learning. 

Learning curve: Every human being has a learning curve, unique to their abilities and capabilities. It is important to gauge one’s ability to learn a certain thing and the pace at which they can grasp and apply their newly learnt skills. This will lead to better understanding of the path one must take.

Customized Plan: Now that we know the learning curve it becomes easier to customize a learning plan based on the same and project a hypothetical trajectory. One can plan out their practice sessions and study material that will help them connect the dots more easily and pick up ques. 

Practice: One must regularly practice english in order to make learning easier. This not only involves reading and writing but also speech. We as humans primarily learn a language by hearing others interact and speak in it. As babies we learn & pick up our mother tongue by hearing our parents and the people around us interact in it. The same way a language requires practical application. Try to speak with your colleagues or friends without any inhibitions. 

Tests: Now that you have practiced and studied, it is time to test your skill in order to recognize where you stand and to analyze how much you have actually learned. This will help you introspect and remodel your learning plan.

With newer technology being introduced into the learning and Ed Tech space. It has become easier for the consumers to access, learn and master new skills conveniently. Now one can easily learn any foreign language from anywhere in the world with the help of a smartphone. The Ed-Tech industry has grown quite rapidly in the past few years. Learning is no longer restricted to a classroom or a blackboard and chalk. Learning has evolved along with the evolving technology.

Mobile Apps: Smartphones enabled with learning apps can help you practice and study languages and aid you in your english learning process. Apps like ELSA Speak enable its users to learn to speak english easily. It is available in multiple languages enabling you to easily understand the instructions and navigate your way through it. It helps you to improve your english proficiency, vocabulary and pronunciations while talking. There are many such platforms available to suit all your learning needs.

Virtual reality: VR or Virtual Reality has become the talk of the town. Making learning more engaging and immersive with the help of various platforms. VR has brought the classroom to the students rather than the other way around. VR has made it possible for the users to immerse themselves in a one of a kind experience and learn while interacting with virtual objects and surroundings.

E-Books: E-books are a fun way of teaching. One can enjoy animated as well as traditional books while learning. This as well enables users to read from anywhere at any time.

Live Video Conferencing: Teachers can interact with their students and teach them from any part of the world as long as they have access to a smart device and the internet. We have seen a rise of this learning model during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. This enables students to learn from the comfort of their homes 

If you find english speaking daunting, then there is no need to worry anymore. All you need is the will to start and practice. Keep practicing & Happy Learning !