Pros of Attending A Caribbean Medical School

If you’re looking at medical schools to further your career, have you considered the benefits of attending a Caribbean medical school? In addition to the beautiful weather and fun recreation options, there are many other pros to attending a medical school in the Caribbean. Here are a few to get you started:
Pros of Attending a Caribbean Medical School

  • Smaller Class Size: Tired of being lost in the lecture hall among the sea of medical students? Because medical schools in the Caribbean tend to have smaller campuses, they also have smaller class sizes, which allows you to get the personalized attention and assistance when you need it.
  • Stronger Campus Community: Though you’d expect this as part of the smaller class size, there are other reasons that make Caribbean medical school’s communities more tight-knit than other schools, such as the shared experience of international students that make up a high percentage of the school’s student body.
  • Global Perspective: Because both the student body and the tourist population are very diverse at Caribbean medical schools, you’ll be able to work with a much more diverse group of fellow students and patients. This allows you to learn about a wider range of medical issues while developing a stronger perspective on international cultures, a strong benefit for your future career.
  • More Experience: In general, Caribbean medical students spend more time gaining hands-on clinical experience than their counterparts in other parts of the world. Caribbean medical schools also tend to have a strong network of clinical affiliates throughout the US, allowing you to pick and choose the demographics that will give you the residency experience you want, whether it’s in rural or urban settings, in areas with focuses on English- or Spanish-speaking populations and more.

When you attend a Caribbean medical school, the benefits you have available can make a huge difference in your medical career. However, you do want to make sure you attend a highly reputable school. Trinity School of Medicine is one of the few top-tier Caribbean medical schools thanks to our CAAM-HP Accreditation. If you’re ready to see what an exceptional Caribbean medical school can do for your future, please reach out to Trinity School of Medicine today.
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