Requirements to Get a Virginia Real Estate License

If you want to start a Virginia real estate career, there are a number of specific needs you need to meet to earn and use your real estate salespersons license. Getting a license in Virginia will grant you the licensure you need to lawfully act as a real estate agent in Virginia only. As an outcome, the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation specifically orders the needs you must meet to get and keep your salesperson license.

Age requirements

You must be at least eighteen years of age to earn Virginia real estate salespersons license and become a real estate agent. Adult real estate experts generally find it hard to find leads and build a career in real estate, especially when many of their rivals have been practicing for decades. But young real estate experts bring enthusiasm and ambition to the work that could give them a benefit in jumpstarting a thriving real estate career.

Formal education needs

In Virginia, you need to have a diploma of high school in order to get real estate license. You do not need any post-secondary education to obtain your real estate license in Virginia.

Virginia real estate license education needs

Pre-licensing needs

You must complete a 60-hour clock/class broker pre-licensing course in order to qualify to take the real estate Virginia salespersons licensing exam.

Examination needs

In order to get your license, you will be needed to complete and pass a state-administered real estate licensing exam with a passing score. This exam contains both a state-specific portion and a national portion. The exam is designed to test your command of real estate practices, vocabulary, and policy. It make sure that all real estate agents start their careers on a level platform of basic industry knowledge. To Virginia real estate exam prep,many students will participate in exam prep course or buy a study tool designed to help them practice for the exam. Exam prep courses are not needed by the state in order to sit for the exam. They are designed to support you assess your present command of important concepts and work on your areas of weakness.

Additional real estate educational needs

Post-licensure needs

As part of your curriculum, you will be needed to complete a post-license education curriculum. The Code of Virginia needs all active new salespersons to complete a board verified 30-hour post-license education curriculum within 1 year of getting their license in order to keep their license of active status.

Continuing education needs

As a licensed real estate Virginia salesperson, you are needed to complete sixteen hours of state-verified continuing education every year. There are 8 hours of needed continuing education, and the other 8 hours may be in real estate relative subjects.

Broker affiliation

Once you have got your real estate license, you must practice under a broker. You are not legally permitted to practice real estate otherwise. Brokers give a number of support services you will need as a practicing real estate broker, as well as the recognition and stability of a famous brand.