Why Cognitive Training is Required?

What is Cognition?

If defined in a nutshell, cognition is the ability of the brain to process all the information. To set an example, did you try to follow your mind when you were too happy? There are like thousands of thoughts going on in your head. Now, just for a moment consider of all those thoughts becoming physical and swirling and twirling in rapid movements. Seeming very dazzling right! But our consciousness is able to control the dizzying train of thoughts and move through them at one at a time, and finally, controls them to an organized train of thoughts. These actions in a brain is known as Cognition.

Therefore, from the example given above, we can come to the conclusion that cognition is the ability of the brain that stands responsible for all thinking processes. The endless thinking processes, the problem solving capacities of the brain can also be attributed to the cognitive thinking. The judgement, memory and knowledge acquisition are also controlled by the cognition capacity of the brain.

How can we define Cognitive Skills?

Cognitive Skills can be defined as the main skills which is used by the brain and which controls our thinking, learning, reasoning, reading and sustaining attention. In order for a full cognition to take place, it is necessary that all these processes work in complete coordination. If one of the process becomes weak, it results to the struggle of the whole process of cognition.

What is the necessity of Cognitive Training?

Cognitive Training is Required for people of all ages, to improve and increase the neuroplasticity of the brain. The cognitive training of our brain increases our academic readiness. Improved academic readiness improves our daily activities which includes the reading skills,organizing the duties be it in school or in a job, job training or overall alertness.

Cognitive Training is required for older adults mainly because as we age we generally loose our ability for cognition. Research has shown that with regular periodic exercises, the cognitive skills of older adults could be improved. Athletes, whether taking part in competition or not require a lot of focus, attention and a lot of planning. Cognitive Training helps the athletes to focus more attentively, and help the athlete to gain focus in their field of athleticism.

Therefore, we find how important cognitive training can be in retaining focus, in increasing memory, in enhancing the skills of deduction, reasoning and judgement.