How to Prepare For Your Class 6 Science Exam

Science can be quite a challenging subject for students to prepare for while learning for the main examinations. As Science for class 6 students is not clearly separated into Physics, Chemistry, Biology and EVS but is included in one textbook it can be a difficult task to score well in the main exams. With the help of my ncert solutions, students can easily find the solutions for all the chapters in the Science subject.

Students can easily learn for the Science exam by referring through the major chapters present in the class 6 Science syllabus which can be found below:

  1. Pure Substances and Mixtures
  2. Garbage In, Garbage Out
  3. Air Around Us
  4. Water
  5. Fun With Magnets
  6. Electricity and Circuits
  7. Light, Shadows and Reflection
  8. Motion and Measurement of Distances
  9. The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
  10. Body Movements
  11. Getting to know Plants
  12. Changes around us
  13. Separation of Substances
  14. Sorting Materials into Groups
  15. Fibre to Fabric
  16. Components of Food
  17. Food- Where does it come from

Some other tips that may be helpful for students to help you prepare for your class 6 Science exams are:

  • Learning through NCERT Solutions: The NCERT Solutions for class 6 Science are an excellent aid for students to learn and prepare for. Students can gain proficiency by learning with the help of these solutions to understand the subject matter better.
  • Solving previous year question papers: Previous year question papers are incredibly helpful for students as they can know the important questions that are frequently asked in the main examination and learn about the exam pattern for future examinations.
  • Referring through official textbooks: The NCERT Textbooks can be a great resource for students to learn through. The textbooks contain the chapterwise solutions for the subject of Science. Students can learn in-depth about the different topics in each chapter by referring to the textbooks.

Thus, these are a few tips on how to prepare for your class 6 Science exam. We hope these tips can help you out for the main examinations. Good luck!