5 Best Data Science Courses in Brief

Being a certified data scientist is one of the major milestones for a number of IT professionals. And, if you are one of them, you are in luck for sure! Yes, getting certified as a data scientist has been way easier with online certification courses nowadays. Here are 5 best data science courses you can check out and get close to the career you always dreamt of. Let’s jump right in!

1. Data Science Specialization- Johns Hopkins University (Coursera)

One of the most enrolled in and highly rated courses of Data Science is- Data Science Specialization- JHU from Coursera. This particular course is an incredible balance of breadth and depth in its curriculum. You can find a complete section on statistics that no other course offers.

And, statistics matter a lot when it comes to becoming a certified data science professional. However, JHU offers this data science course with a combination of theory and application while using the R programming language.

Before enrolling into this program, you must have a clear knowledge of Algebra and some idea about the basic programming language. This course will cost you $49 per month for course materials and of course, certification.

2. Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters- MIT (edX)

Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters courses are the graduate-level courses and carry real credits. The courses are advanced with a well-rounded curriculum. By achieving credits, you can apply to some selected graduate degrees.

As the course is advanced, you need to have a keen knowledge of Python programming and calculus. Being an advanced course, this particular course doesn’t include any introductory section to R programming or Python. However, they will give you the course materials and other stuff that is needed to learn data science. The whole course will cost you around $1,350.

3. Data Science Certification from Harvard University (edX)

Harvard University offers Data Science Certification Program that teaches you R and machine learning, data science essentials, etc. by using real-world case studies. This particular course from Harvard is rated as one of the most enrolled master’s programs on edX, the leading e-learning platform.

This course includes Inference and Modeling, R Basics, Probability, Linear Regression, Productivity Tools, Wrangling, Visualization, Machine Learning and so on. There are opportunities to take a test on these topics to examine your skills. From this course, you will get to learn data analysis, R programming, and statistical concepts as well.

4. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization- University of Michigan (Coursera)

It is another online Data Science degree has been launched by the University of Michigan. The course offers the applied side of data science which includes Panda, networkX, Ntlk, Matplotlib, and scikit-learn. You can learn to use these languages on real data. Your base of data science will get strong by these Python libraries. The course provides you a very comprehensive breakdown to evaluate as well as use the algorithms in Python language. Besides, it would be more applicable and appropriate for you to use these if you already have some idea on statistical concepts and R programming. The course also offers statistical skills for Python specialization.

5.  Introduction to Data Science- Metis

This particular course is a six-week-long data science course and is highly rated by switchUp and CourseReport. The course provides you everything in the data science process. The most interesting thing about this course is- you will receive to continue education units after the completion of this certification course.

You will get the opportunity to ask questions and get a solution by the instructors instantly as if you are in an online classroom. It includes data analysis, visualization, statistics, data modeling, linear algebra, etc. and the approximate cost is $750.