Are you simple or stupid?

At a friend’s party, there’s a person quiet silence. What do you think the reason is:

  1. He has a sore throat today.
  2. He must have been emotionally frustrated
  3. He was too nervous to speak in the presence of his favorite.
  4. He is pretending to be deep.

Test results:

  1. You are an artful person, knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You are very judgmental, and it is very comfortable to be with you.
  2. You’re a naturally coarse person. When a good friend gives you a hint, you can’t get the point.
  3. You are a very self – centered person and are used to thinking for yourself. You thought you found the truth, but actually you didn’t.
  4. You are a keen person and no one can play trick in front of you. But you are very simple.