Online Quran Learning

Itis necessary for every Muslim to read and understand the Quran, for betterlearning of their religion, Islam. Quran is the set of instructions from Allahand it constructs does not match any book in the world. It is also necessary toread the Quran with tajweed to observe and experience the true effect of theQuran.
As it is the duty of every Muslim to read andunderstand Quran, in Muslim countries it is very easy for Muslims to read andunderstand the message of Allah whereas in non-Muslim countries it is verydifficult to perform this duty. In western countries, Muslims have to do a lotof struggle in order to fulfill this religious responsibility. In order tominimize the problem of these Muslims, many people are providing online Quranteaching, so that these Muslims can also be able to perform this religious dutywithout any difficulty.

 My Online Quran Teaching is one of the academies which provide online Quran teaching to the kids, adults and aged people. They also provide the option of male and female instructors so that girls who are not comfortable with male tutors don’t face any difficulty.

 The female quran tutors are also equallyexperienced and professional like male tutors. My Quran teaching academyenables its students to read Noorani Qaida, Quran reading with tajweed, Quranmemorization, translation and Tafseer courses etc. They provide numerousbenefits to there students which include:
Individual classes/courses:
Each student is given special attention inorder to meet their learning needs. Individual and professional tutors wereappointed for each student. They provide different types of courses accordingto the need of their students.
Adjustable time slots:
Classes are scheduled according to the studentavailability so that they can manage their daily routine without any difficulty.The students, housewives and working people require adjustable timings so thatthey can be able to do their other activities without any hassle.
No limitations for language:
My Quran teaching academy provides aprofessional and trained teacher who is able to communicate in differentlanguages like Urdu, English, and Arabic to overcome the communication barrierand providing effective learning.
Around the clock and across the globe:
For the convenience of their students, MyQuran teaching academy also provides the facility to learn Quran any time,anywhere and on any device. You can take your Quran learning sessions on anydevice either on iPhone, PC or any other android devices.
Progress discussion with parents:
Theinstitute organizes a parent-teacher meeting to discuss the progress,attendance, behavior etc with the parents.

If you want to learn Quran online then the best platform for you wouldbe