Three Best Courses for Military Veterans to Take

Most veterans after retiring find it hard to secure jobs in the civilian sector. This can result in severe effects such as PTSD or homelessness. It is estimated that 39,471 veterans are homeless on any night, but why is the number so high? Well, this can be explained by the fact that most veterans have served for over four years. With this in mind, veterans lose a lot when it comes to education. The world of education keeps changing, one course that was marketable in 5 years is now flooded. To keep up with the trend; it is efficient to attain the necessary credentials. Online colleges for military offer several courses that veterans should consider learning when seeking employment in the civilian sector.

Criminal justice

If there is one thing that most veterans can boast is the ability to perform under extreme conditions. With a background experience in the military, this course can be a plus for many veterans. Most criminal justice courses take two years, for veterans who wish to seek careers in law enforcement a degree will be a great addition to their portfolio. When compared with other civilian job seekers, veterans with the right papers are more qualified. Most criminal justice degree courses are heavy on social sciences such as psychology, criminology, and sociology. It is noteworthy to understand that a degree certificate in these fields is not enough to fit in high ranking positions. So, it is paramount to identify the path that amazes you. This will allow you to adjust easily to any job that you seek.

Information technology

With the evolution of technology, any information technology course is a plus. Most of these courses can be learned from the online platform. Additionally, the availability of massive open online courses has provided a platform that users can benefit with knowledge and skills. You can access these courses through your P.C or mobile phone; this has helped many users access courses from leading global universities. 


Most veterans are more qualified than they know; the secret to succeeding in the civilian sector is all about having credentials. These degree courses can be offered under the online platform and usually take two to three years. Since most nations have adopted a capitalistic nature, a bachelor’s degree can help veterans fit in positions such as junior or financial executive; this can be easy since they have experience in other sectors.


The overwhelming number of homeless veterans is high. This can be attributed to several factors, but the most common is the inability of many of them to adapt to the rising needs of current employment requirements. What most veterans don’t understand is that they are more qualified than their civilian counterparts. The ability to perform tasks under minimal supervision can be a great plus when coupled with a certificate course. Above are some of the courses that military veterans should consider when trying to fit in the civilian sector.