How to Hire a Defense Lawyer in Toronto When Money Is an Issue

All of us know that when you hire an attorney you have to pay him his fees and other charges depending on the terms and conditions on which you have agreed with him. However, this is one of the facts of life that no matter whether you have money or not, criminal cases cannot be fought without a proper and competent defence lawyer in Toronto. So, if money is an issue for you right now, there are few aspects which you should consider so that you can hire a good attorney for your defense without making a hole in your pocket.

  1. Decide which is better – flat fee or hourly rate

Toronto criminal defense lawyer usually charge flat fees, but they have other payment plans also. So, discuss with your attorney to figure out how long your case might go and then analyze which of the payment option would be cheaper for you.

  1. Don’t take any rush decision

If you are arrested do not panic or think that you need a lawyer in 5 minutes. This is the biggest mistake you would be doing. You have at least a week to take decision and unless you are assuming that the charges would be laid off without doing anything, it is sufficient to find a good defence lawyer in Toronto. Stay away from the lawyers who pressurize you to take decision immediately.

  1. Meet with some of the good defence lawyers in Toronto

Most of the lawyers offer free consultation for the first time, but you should not restrict interviewing only them. In fact, when you call the lawyer for the first time, you should not ask him whether his first consultation is free or not. Browse our profile now.

  1. Prepare for the meeting

Try to impress your lawyer the first time you meet him. You should be well dressed, be on time and show some respect. Even make a phone call and inform the lawyer if you have to cancel or reschedule your first consultation.

  1. Talk to the lawyer about the case

Even if you are going through any kind of financial crisis, do not let your lawyer know immediately after you meet him. Discuss the case without giving any judgment from your side. Try to make the defence lawyer in Toronto whom you are meeting, like you. The fee part will definitely come in the end.

  1. Be honest in everything

When you are talking to your lawyer, be honest with him. Also tell him about your financial condition and also tell him honestly what you could come up with at present.

  1. Do not make cost the deciding factor

If you think that just because a lawyer asks for lower fees, he is good for you, you are not right. Sometimes you have to see the big picture and take decision.

  1. Don’t negotiate

You are facing jail and so, this is not the time for negotiation. Be honest with the defence lawyer in Toronto and let him fight your case using his expertise. Find more about us here.